Quotations fromm Lin Qiuwu

These quotations come from the article Buddhism and Marxism in Taiwan: Lin Qiuwu’s Religious Socialism and Its Legacy in Modern Times By Charles B. Jones, published in the Journal of Global Buddhism 1 (2000): 82-111. Lin Qiuwu’s ideas on the synthesis of revolutionary socialist and Buddhist ideology display a clear coherence which goes beyond mere […]

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Historical Writings: Excerpt

Apologies to readers for the long delays between posts. My work has been unstable for the past year and a half, and has been keeping me from writing. I have also been engaged in other political education projects over at especifismostudies.org. That said, I have been continuing to plug away at a full length draft […]

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New things

You may have noticed that blog activity has slowed. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I took a new job in May that has kept me extremely busy. Turns out full time physical labor doesn’t mix well with writing and research. Thankfully it is temporary, and I hope to resume regular blogging after October. Second, […]

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Impermanence and Organization

Organizations are not the same as Organization. The difference is one of principle and particular. Organization is essential to revolutionary activity. Particular organizations are not. These change with the terrain of struggle, forming, dissolving, splitting, merging and reforming as needed. From a removed, historical or hypothetical perspective we tend to cling to organizations as the […]

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