New things

You may have noticed that blog activity has slowed. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I took a new job in May that has kept me extremely busy. Turns out full time physical labor doesn’t mix well with writing and research. Thankfully it is temporary, and I hope to resume regular blogging after October. Second, […]

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Impermanence and Organization

Organizations are not the same as Organization. The difference is one of principle and particular. Organization is essential to revolutionary activity. Particular organizations are not. These change with the terrain of struggle, forming, dissolving, splitting, merging and reforming as needed. From a removed, historical or hypothetical perspective we tend to cling to organizations as the […]

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Rebel Riot: Buddhist anarcho Punks?

Rebel Riot, first of all, is an incredible anarcho-punk band from Myanmar. But not only do they incorporate Buddhist themes into their music and activism, but they do not hesitate to criticize the ways mainstream Buddhist leaders and institutions in the country have supported the oppression of ethnic, religious, sexual, and gender minorities and have […]

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Fragments of a Buddhist Anarchism

Ichikawa Hakugen’s critique and reconstructive vision for Buddhism indicates the possibility of a practice, or a program of Buddhist Anarchism, but it raises far more questions than it answers. If, indeed, the root of the problem of Buddhist politics lies in the interpretation of Buddhist ideology rather than its basic philosophical identity, what can be […]

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Since the passing of bell hooks, I have been thinking about love. Throughout her work she tirelessly theorized and educated America on the importance of radical love, and warned of the perils of living a loveless life in a loveless society. Her masterpiece on the subject, All About Love, is a philosophical exploration of the […]

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