New things

You may have noticed that blog activity has slowed. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I took a new job in May that has kept me extremely busy. Turns out full time physical labor doesn’t mix well with writing and research. Thankfully it is temporary, and I hope to resume regular blogging after October. Second, I have been working hard on completing a couple of long essays which are starting to look a lot like book chapters. In particular, my history of buddhist anarchism essay continues to expand as I discover more and more sources. I also have several interviews awaiting transcription. So you have my apologies, but please look forward to these in a couple months. To stay active in my writing practice, I will try to post a series of shorter pieces. These will just be my own thoughts and reflections, so don’t expect the same level of rigor.

As always, I invite comments, questions , and submissions to the blog. You can post a comment below or write me at wingulls @ protommail dot com.

May all beings be free

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